I have many small and medium things on my GitHub profile, but here are some of my biggest and/or favorites. Feel free to check any of these out, open PRs or issues, or simply gaze at the mess.

Dungeon Paper

A character sheet app for Dungeon World, a popuplar tabletop game, as an open-source Flutter application.

Available now on Android and iOS!

Simple Scaffold

A simple command to generate any file structure, from single components to entire app boilerplates.

See my post detailing more, or the documentation/NPM page to start using it!


An open-source, cross-platform, interactive, dead-simple CLI that generates your .gitignore for you in your project.
Also features the ability to remove unused patterns from the generated file.

Thanks to open-source-ideas for the idea.

See more info about it at the Github page.

Also available as a VS Code Extension!

Flutter Wheel Spinner

A Flutter widget that presents a pitch-bend-like spinner that lets you control a numeric value with the drag or fling of your fingers.

I have made a tutorial laying out how it was created, and it’s also available as a package!

Flutter Icon Shadow

A Flutter widget that shows a shadow under a given icon. Forked from icon_shadow to add more features and increase compatibility since the original was abandoned.

Check out the package on!

Dart Script Runner

A generic runner that lets you run scripts from any folder containing either pubspec.yaml or its own configuration file - similar to what NPM’s scripts in package.json do, this helps you avoid needing to document & handle multiple scripts to run that are project related and possibly team-shared.

It works for any folder and project type but requires Dart to run. Check out the repository or the package page!

A free service that lets you use placeholder images anywhere, saving you the hassle of creating images in the required sizes and colors for temporary use-cases.

It is a tool that gives you an image URL to use anywhere, from any web or other origin, with a tool to customize the displayed text, colors and size as you need. There are no usage limits.

Read about it more in my post.

Chrome URL loader

Chrome Extension URL loader for webpack.

See more info about it at the Github page.